Lo Mio Servente Core: Tradition and Avant-Garde in Music from the Time of Dante

Lo Mio Servente Core: Tradition and Avant-Garde in Music from the Time of Dante

0742495305122_100From the thirst for experimentation of the first polyphonic composers of the Trecento, to the primitive two-part pieces sung in isolated local churches, we find evidence of a repertoire where the attraction of the new exists side by side with a powerful archaic tradition.  This program alternates music and recited texts: contemporary chronicles, anecdotes taken from 14th and 15th century novellieri, verses from the Divine Comedy, a 14th century recipe for lasagna: a panorama peopled with irascible friars, ill-tempered blacksmiths, lovesick bourgeois, curious monks, and beautiful ladies little interested in romantic reveries.

Repertoire: “polifonia primitiva”, italian madrigals, ballate and laude, troubadour chansons.  spoken texts by Salimbene D’adam, Franco Sacchetti, an anonymous Tuscan cookbook author and Dante Alighieri.


Le Monde de la Musique (CHOC de la Musique)
“With their first CD, ensemble LUCIDARIUM has achieved a tour de force: this group, young, but made up of experienced musicians, has managed to combine the élan of spontaneous italianità with the seriousness of mature reflection.”

Music and the Arts (10/10)
“you may just wish to sit back, close your eyes, and feast.”

“…the texts, admirably recited, together with the music, create a vibrant image of life at the time of Dante Alighieri.”

CD Classica (Scelta del mese):
“A CD… which seems to indicates a new and vivacious way of interpreting the music of the early Trecento.”

“Shifting between monody and primitive polyphony, this CD is driven by the rhetorical concepts of dulcedo and subtilitas.  It uses a humanistic approach to the repertoire, the only plausible one, and the result is sincere and original.”

Birmingham Post:
“Great fun, great solace, and a seductive picture of a vanished world.”

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Lucidarium is an irresistibly fun group, a light-hearted collection of friends out to relish each other’s company by making music together. That unbuttoned ethos is a welcome intrusion in the concert hall, one that will hopefully infect other performers.

Basler Zeitung

Next to their stylistic confidence and saddle-sure historical interpretation, Ensemble Lucidarium shows us just how contagiously vivacious the reconstruction of medieval sounds can be.


The six members of Lucidarium let their listeners dive into a completely enchanting world… The musical poetry of the Middle Ages was brought back to life in the most beautiful way possible

New York Times

… The Ensemble Lucidarium, an Italian group, in a program of vocal works (and a couple of high-energy saltarellos) on Wednesday afternoon, performed in a style free of vibrato and other forms of modern polish but plentifully adorned with florid vocal embellishments…

American Recorder Society Magazine

Anyone who arrived thinking of Medieval repertoire as “minor” or as music that ‘all sounds alike’ left with changed ideas.

The Arts Desk

There was a naturalness and relaxedness to their performance that was immensely pleasing.

Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace

… it was enough to be swept away, by the refinement and conviction of the performers, to a place where magic reigns.